Transferring Ownership and PDCA

Transferring Ownership and PDCA

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Course 8 (Final) of the Lean Culture Transformation Blended Learning Program

Blended Learning Program Format (All Courses):

  1. Self-Paced Online Content (Pre-Work)
  2. Live/Virtual Session (Scheduled Webinar): Wed, Apr 29 | 11:00 - 12:00 p.m. EST
  3. Self-Paced Online Content (Post-Work)

Description: What happens when the champion of a lean culture transformation leaves? Does progress halt?

    In this last course of the blended learning program, you will understand how to:

    • Transfer accountabilities and ensure the transformation has become the "new normal."
    • Consider future state evaluation of your organization.
    • Tie the culture to the company strategy.
    • Implement strategies to sustain success going forward.
    • Answer the question: what's next for your lean culture transformation?

    Length: Due to the distinctive nature of LeanCor's prescribed transformation steps, courses will vary in total length from 90 minutes to 2 hours (includes self-paced online content and scheduled webinars).

    Included: All courses in this program include downloadable templates, interactive exercises, and knowledge assessments.

    Instructors: Ben Green, Director of Corporate Services at LeanCor and Mark Wheeler, Lean Deployment Executive at LeanCor

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    *Program participants receive a Lean Culture Transformation certificate.

    More About The Lean Culture Transformation Blended Learning Program:

    • The Lean Culture Transformation Blended Learning Program is a guided, self-study series of eight courses. Each course is a blend of self-paced and instructor-led content that follows our prescribed phases of a lean culture transformation for organizations of all shapes and sizes.
    • This program is for any leader responsible for deploying cultural changes within a facility, team, or company at large (OpEx, Operations, Training/Development, HR, etc.).
    • Live/virtual sessions are scheduled bi-weekly and instructed by the LeanCor team of consultants who are transforming our clients' organizations with proven lean best practices.
    • Complete all eight courses in the program and earn a Lean Culture Transformation certificate. (Or, just take the courses you need.)
    • Bonus: Those who purchase the entire program receive access to our 90-Minute Lean Fundamentals online course.
    • Topics include (in order of schedule):
    1. Assessing Your Organization's Cultural Maturity
    2. Launching Transformation with Stakeholders
    3. Launching Transformation with Leadership
    4. Selecting and Piloting Transformational Training
    5. Deploying and Applying Transformational Training
    6. Training Trainers for Transformation
    7. Continuously Improving and Sustaining Transformation
    8. Transferring Ownership and PDCA

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