Demand-Driven Supply Chain Strategy 4-Day Course

Demand-Driven Supply Chain Strategy 4-Day Course

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Course Description

As supply chain executives become more instrumental in supporting long-term strategic objectives for their firms, they need to complement traditional SC operational knowledge with a more strategic view of their role in delivering aligned results to the business. This course addresses this requirement by exposing and explaining to supply chain leaders different lenses of strategic planning applied to SCM and the specific implications on SC operations.

During the course, attendees will have several opportunities to assess their current supply chain strategy, formulate a new one, discuss keys to implement a supply chain strategy and how to review and align one. For the duration of the course, participants will have the opportunity to play with an extended simulation game of a fictional company and see the impact of supply chain strategic decisions in real time while monitoring their ability to manage uncertainty and deliver financial results for the firm.

Who Should Attend?

Those responsible for determining the future position of supply chain strategy, executing specific supply chain processes that must support specific business initiatives, innovating supply chain strategy to better align with operational goals, understanding the strategic impact of supply chain decisions in the firm and the extended enterprise network and advising clients about their specific supply chain strategic positioning.

How You Will Benefit?

  • Learn how supply chain management fits in the overall strategy of the firm in the context of its extended business network.
  • Assess the firm's current strategic position in supply chain operations and reframe current supply chain operations to align with the firm's objectives
  • Understand the key elements of demand sensing and forecasting, demand shaping, and demand response and operations
  • Understand the role of technology in supporting demand driven supply chains
  • Understand how to develop a demand driven supply chain strategy and how this strategy integrates with corporate strategy

What is Covered?

  • Strategic Frameworks for Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Aligned Strategies for Supply Chain Management
  • Demand-Driven Supply Chain (DDSC): Definition and Core Components
  • Core Operating Processes (I): Demand Sensing and Forecasting
  • Core Operating Processes (II): Demand Shaping: Alignment with Commercial/Operational Strategies
  • Core Operating Processes (III): Demand Response and Supply Chain Operations
  • Developing a Demand Driven Supply Chain Strategy and Integration with Corporate Strategy
  • Technology and its Role in Supporting Demand-Driven Supply Chains
  • Supply Chain Simulation