Lean Problem Solving: Self-Paced Online Training Course (On-Demand)
Lean Problem Solving: Self-Paced Online Training Course (On-Demand)
Lean Problem Solving: Self-Paced Online Training Course (On-Demand)

Lean Problem Solving: Self-Paced Online Training Course (On-Demand)

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In a lean culture, people are accountable for the work they perform and take ownership of their problems. In order for this environment to thrive, people must be armed with the knowledge to identify waste, discover the root cause of a problem, find solutions, sustain improvements and continuously improve processes. But organizations are often left asking themselves, “Why does problem solving have to be so complicated?”

In this self-paced online course that simplifies every-day problem solving, learn how to use an A3 problem-solving document to:

  • Map out your process to uncover hidden waste
  • Define a problem
  • Discover its root cause(s)
  • Learn what solutions work best for different types of problems
  • Prioritize improvements
  • Successfully launch improvements
  • Use PDCA to sustain improvements


  • Length: 3 hours
  • Learning content includes: animated videos, interactions, learning exercises and quizzes
  • Quizzes following each module to check your understanding of the learning
  • ORLOE A3 problem-solving template in downloadable/printable format

Great prerequisite for value stream mapping and rapid improvement workshops!

    BONUS CONTENT: Students will have access to a lean implementation workbook and a copy of the e-book, Everything I Know About Lean I Learned in First Grade.

    CEUs: .4

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    Take This Course as Part of the Lean Professional Virtual Certificate